7 Reasons Why Cufflinks Are More Awesome Than They Have Ever Been

What kind of men are you to have never heard of the all-important CUFFLINK before? Cufflinks are dementedly awesome. Of course, you wouldn’t know that, because they’re so small and marketed for tuxes, weddings, bar mitzvahs and other such black-tie-white-tie events, so that’s not your fault! We can’t blame you for that. But the Trendy Butler has […]

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The Insider’s Guide to Wearing Cufflinks to Work Without a Tux

Wait…what? BLASPHEMY! How dare any man try to wear something as prestigious as cufflinks to anything other than a white/black tie event! The lynching begins. Although such would be a sin. A sin much greater than the so-called faux pas of cufflinks in your regular plain white button-down shirt. Trust us, from the Trendy Butler — you’re not in […]

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