My 12-year-old son hates going to the store to pick out clothes… but then again what teenage boy doesn’t? Having the job I do, allows me to try out all kinds of new products and subscription services. I think this has definitely spoiled him! Back in December, we worked with Trendy Butler for our Holiday Gift Guide, and for that month, a shirt, leather and suede jacket and knit cap arrived in the mail.

So…you get $150 of clothes for $65 and it just magically shows up at your door each month. Yeah…new clothes…for a great deal…SIGN ME UP! When you sign up, you fill out a survey about your style. You answer questions about colors and patterns and sizes. Then a stylist reviews your style and sends you your first set of clothes! BAM! And if you don’t like it…free returns!

I paid $39 for this on Gilt City so this was really worth it. In fact, I would have paid the full $55 for the subscription and still considered it a deal. This is a quality piece of workmanship. So much better than what I received from Five Four Club, I can hardly believe it. My husband has said he wants to continue this subscription which is not something he would say if he didn't like what he got.

What a great package this month delivered! The pairing of the checkered shirt and black sweater was just perfect and a total hit with my husband. One thing that I truly love about this subscription is how they send items that pair well together. And you know that they chose the items specifically for you and your profile, so it’s like having your own stylist without the high service fee. It’s been such a convenience for my husband, he doesn’t have to think too much about what to wear on the days after receiving his Trendy Butler packages. Now if only they can send him a package every week! =)

Trendy Butler really lives up to their promise of “Effortless style, delivered monthly.” This is a no-fuss subscription box that delivers on quality and trendy clothing for men. If you want an honest-to-good box that will add more business casual options to your closet, and appreciate a fantastic deal, this is going to be the box for you. Trendy Butler immediately won me over with their presented value, which is guaranteed to be $150 or more per month for an affordable $65 a month.

Out of the two items I got; definitely, the hoodie is my fave. Not just because it fits me well, but I like that I can put on a blazer or light jacket over it and don’t feel like I’m burning up. I really need to change my size to maybe an XL on my profile, I think that will help a lot. So when doing your sizes, I suggest going up one size in everything. I’m a big guy, with big guy ” issues”. So think about those things when trying a subscription / brand like this. Their stuff comes tailored sometimes (which I like by the way), so keep that in mind.

I love both items and they definitely got my style and fit perfect. The hoodie is now my favorite go-to fall wearable as I’ve been wearing it every day. I’d say this box was a hit!

Overall, I am very impressed with my Trendy Butler Box. They've made a very great first impression. I've never heard of Cohesive & Co. nor Hyden Yoo before, but after looking them up online they have some great looking high-end clothes there. The Trendy Butler stylists did a swell job.

I am really pleased with Trendy Butler, and I am happy to give this Trendy Butler Box Subscription for men a 2 thumbs review. I think it would make a fantastic holiday gift idea for men, especially for the hard to buy for person or the person who has everything. For $65 you get well over $100 worth of clothing, saving as much as 60% off retail. Oh and if you get an item you don’t like, no worries. You can return it at no cost and Trendy Butler will make it right.