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A guide to the Men’s Clothing Subscription?

How A Men’s Clothing Subscription Helped Me Get Rid of Old Clothes It happens to the best of us. You notice your clothing becoming worn or faded, but you put off buying something new until your next paycheck. Time goes by, and now your black clothes look like blue clothes and all of your socks have holes in them. Sure, you could go for some new clothes, but who has the time to shop for things? The average American man works 44 hours per week, not including commuting and running daily errands. On top of that, clothes shopping is not […]

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What Your First Date Outfit Says About You

Most of us probably feel confident when it comes to our everyday wear. The clothing we put on through the week is designed to make us feel comfortable in mundane situations. There’s nothing wrong with having an old favorite that you can’t throw away… But of course, there are times when it is and isn’t appropriate. That faded graphic tee that you got two years ago? Sure, it’s great, but it’s not necessarily something you’d want to wear on a first date. The clothes you’re wearing now may be great for the gym or a quick trip to the office, […]

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