A guide to the Men’s Clothing Subscription?

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How A Men’s Clothing Subscription Helped Me Get Rid of Old Clothes

It happens to the best of us. You notice your clothing becoming worn or faded, but you put off buying something new until your next paycheck. Time goes by, and now your black clothes look like blue clothes and all of your socks have holes in them. Sure, you could go for some new clothes, but who has the time to shop for things? The average American man works 44 hours per week, not including commuting and running daily errands. On top of that, clothes shopping is not exactly the most exciting activity I can think of. I’m not a fan of crowds, I’m not good at scoping out deals, and I’m definitely not an expert on style. I’ll admit that buying clothes is an area that I could use some help on.

Rather than asking my mom for help (as I am prone to do,) I decided to take to the internet to try and find some solutions. Online shopping worked for a little while, but I found myself spending almost the same amount of time online browsing as I would in-store. In addition to that, the shipping costs and return policies sometimes proved to be outright ridiculous. A friend told me about her experience with a clothing subscription, so I decided to try and root out a clothing subscription for men. Once I had my first trial run, I knew there was no going back.

What Is A Clothing Subscription?

Most of us are familiar with subscription boxes like Loot Crate or Blue Apron. A clothing subscription works similarly in the sense that you pay for a monthly delivery of items to be brought to your door. In the case of a clothing subscription for men, the items being delivered are different types of clothing. Some subscription services may focus on one brand while others choose to give you a variety of brands. The number of items you can expect in your box vary by company, usually being around 3 or 4 articles. In most cases, a clothing subscription for men will not allow you to choose the items you receive. You are typically asked a very detailed series of questions to figure out the right styles to send.

Overall, these boxes provide a great on-schedule alternative to shopping that won’t take time out of your daily life.

What Makes Clothing Subscriptions Better Than Online Shopping?

As I may have mentioned, I am not a guy that holds a lot of knowledge when it comes to style. I know a few stores that sell clothing, a couple of key brands, and that’s about it. From my perspective, a clothing subscription is better than shopping for things myself because it gives me more options. Since I don’t have full control over what items I’m getting, I end up with things that honestly tend to look better on me. I’ve also discovered new brands that I never would have heard of, such as Tavik and ElevenParis. Utilizing a subscription service has also taught me more about how to dress.

In addition to the reasons this type of service works well for me, there are a few key things that I think would work to everyone’s benefit:

-The Price

I remember looking up my first box and thinking, “Sixty bucks?! These people are crazy.” I was completely unconvinced that anyone could justify this price. I decided to compare the cost by putting a few things in my cart at an online store, and I was honestly aghast. The amount I would have paid through an online retailer was significantly more than what I would have paid for the same amount of items in the box. Companies like Trendy Butler, which specializes in clothing subscriptions, will develop partnerships with companies in order to pay significantly less than a typical customer would from the same brand. Sure, retailers tend to have a sale every other month or so, but a subscription guarantees that you’re saving at minimum 30% to 80% on brands that you would normally pay full price for.

Trendy Butler also uses a AI to determine which clothes best suit your style. The longer you use the service the better your clothes will be!

-The Convenience

Let’s face it, you’re probably too busy to enjoy something as time-consuming as shopping. Traffic is stressful, lines are stressful. Salespeople can’t always be as helpful as they want to be when they’re bogged down with an overflow of customers. Getting a clothing subscription for men allows you access to stylists whose job it is to cater to your tastes.

You receive a full assessment of what you like, which takes about five to ten minutes. Once you’re done, it’s not something you have to worry about for another month. You can usually arrange an auto-pay, making this process the ultimate time and energy saver.

-The Accessibility

While I’m a person that doesn’t go out shopping because I want to relax and enjoy my free time, some people don’t shop because they can’t. If you’re the average commuter with a lack of transportation, how can you be expected to cart around bags of clothing? How do you even get to the store if the closest bus route drops you off ten miles from the shop? This is a great alternative for people who have this problem. But it’s also great for people who have physical limitations too. Having a company that caters to everyone’s needs is really important, and I feel like subscription boxes can help aid that.

I’m proud to say that it’s been three months since my first clothing subscription. No more hole-ridden socks, no more dreading the process of choosing new clothes, and no more faded shirts! No matter what your situation is, investing in a subscription service for men’s clothing will save you time, energy, and money. Do yourself a favor and try one out!

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