Fathers Day gift Ideas

Solving the Fathers Day Gift Ideas Dilemma

Graduations, Mothers Day, and Memorial Day are behind us, and Fathers Day is right around the corner. Men can be difficult to shop for because they often don’t say, or even actually know what they want. Fathers Day gifts can be problematic because no one really knows what dad wants! Here are some Fathers Day gift ideas to get you started.

Hobbies and Pastimes

If dad has a hobby or favorite activity, this can make Fathers Day gift ideas less stressful. Some activities require lots of gear in all price ranges, making gift-giving a snap. Some of these hobbies include:

  • Golf
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Hiking

For instance, if dad is a golfer, you can go expensive with clubs and gear, or you can spend less but still show your love with golf balls or golf tees. Better yet, think outside the box and spend time with him on the golf course. Even if you don’t golf, we’d love to show you why he enjoys it, and the time spent with you will mean more to him than any gift item. If you can afford it, you can even spring for a day of golf at a great club, followed by a nice meal in the club restaurant. If you have siblings, you can go in together and make the day more affordable. The memories you make will be precious for all of you.

The same is true with other activities, such as fishing, hunting, or hiking. There is all manner of gear that you can purchase as fathers days gifts, or just spend time with him doing his favorite activity. Fishermen always need lures, fishnets, knot-makers, rod holders, and other gear. Hunters love to receive ammo, camouflage clothing, or even a terrific hoodie or jacket for cold mornings. Hikers love packs, rain gear, water bottles and canteens, and other accessories. If your dad participates in any sport or outdoor activity, gift-giving will be a snap.

Dads Who Are Homebodies

Some dads like to putter around the house and work on projects. There are many gift ideas to be found in these activities as well. Some popular home projects and activities include:

  • automotive hobbies
  • carpentry
  • gardening
  • grilling

Is dad obsessed with his barbecue pit? Does he love to rustle up a great meal? Pit tools make a great gift for dad. You can pick them up in your favorite big box store, or there are swankier alternatives available locally and online. Another possibility is a cookbook or magazine subscription where he can pick up exciting new recipes, learn new skills and techniques, or just browse through in his spare time.

Likewise, there are accessories and tools available for men who love to work on vintage cars or work with wood and crafts. Use his favorite occupations as your gift giving guide.

Gifts for the Bookworm

If dad is a bookworm, books always make a great gift. If you know what he likes to read and what he already has, you may consider getting him a book. But if you are less certain about what he has already read, try a gift card from a book store. Book lovers also enjoy time in the book store, so you could take him to breakfast or lunch, and then go spend some time at the bookstore with him.

What if Dad is Single?

Men who live alone often don’t take the time to cook delicious meals or even eat good, nutritious food. Of course, a nice Fathers Day meal at a restaurant is a splendid idea, but how about something longer lasting? There are meal services and subscriptions that will deliver meals or groceries right to his doorstep every week.

Dads Who Hate to Shop

Let’s face it, some of our dads would still be wearing Leisure Suits from the ’70s if we didn’t get him a new shirt or tie every year for Fathers Day. And of course, these are fine gifts. You can tailor them to an activity, such as a golf shirt or tennis shorts. Or, if your father is the dapper sort, a hat or pair of cuff links may be just the thing. Whether dad is stylish and fashionable or not, clothing is always an appropriate gift.

But if you want to give him something he will appreciate all year long, try a clothing subscription, like Trendy Butler. Whether dad loves great style or just hates to shop, a Trendy Butler subscription is the perfect gift. There are no lines and no stress. He won’t need to browse for hours to find items that fit his personal style. With your dad in mind, Trendy Butler pick out just the right items to suit his style. Whatever his needs and preferences, a Trendy Butler subscription will make sure he has the right clothing for any occasion. After filling out his style profile, Trendy Butler’s A.I. stylist will choose items that will appeal to him and have them delivered to his doorstep monthly. He will think of you throughout the year every time he receives the latest shipment! With free shipping and no hassle returns, you can’t miss with Trendy Butler. Really, a clothing subscription is one of the best gifts you can get for dad because it lasts all the year.

Fathers day gift ideas

There are so many choices as you head out to shop for Fathers Day gift ideas this year. There are options that fit any personality or pocketbook. You can spend time with him, buy him gear and accessories, or supply him with books or clothing. Subscriptions are also great options. Whether you choose to share a meal or go for a longer term show of love and affection, like a Trendy Butler subscription, you should have no problem finding a great gift for dad.

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