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9 Unique Gift Ideas for Him

Let’s face it – men can be notoriously difficult to shop for on any occasion. Typically, a man doesn’t come out and say what he’d like, which makes coming up with gift ideas for him challenging. Of course, the right gift depends on the occasion, and ordinary gift ideas abound. Instead, why not give it some extra thought and try something extraordinary? Whether it’s his birthday, an anniversary, or just a little something to say, “I love you,” here are a few unique gift ideas for him to get you on the right track.

An Evening with the Guys

Has your husband been having an unusually stressful time at work? Maybe he just needs a stress-free evening with the guys! Depending on his interests, there are a number of possibilities for a great gift if you are willing to think outside of the box. Some of these interests could include:

    ·Sporting Events
    ·Outdoor Activities
    ·Indoor Fun and Games

If your husband loves sports, buy him a couple of tickets to a sporting event! You don’t have to spend a fortune for a big league game if you don’t want to; try a minor league baseball or hockey game! Or you can go all in with tickets to a major professional team. Either way, a lot of great male gift ideas center around sports!

Some guys prefer to be a part of the action! Set aside time and funds for him to go on a fishing or hunting trip. Another option is to suggest he take a day for himself and then surprise him with some new gear and accessories for his favorite outdoor pastime. For instance, if he loves tennis, get him a new racket, or if he is a golfer, get him a new club or some other great golf item.

If a game night and a case of beer is more his speed, fix some great snacks and go for an evening out with your friends while he stays home and watches the game or plays some pool or poker with the guys. Regardless of his favorite activities, some stress-free time with friends is one of the great husband gift ideas that will leave him more relaxed and happy.

The Gift of Romance

Okay, a lot of men pretend they hate romance, but come on, if it’s an anniversary gift, you’re not going to get him a night out with the guys! The occasion requires something meaningful and more intimate than the typical shirt or assorted sporting goods. Some special gifts could include:

    ·A Romantic Night Out
    ·A Romantic Night In
    ·A Weekend Away

Plan a romantic evening, but choose his favorite restaurant, even if it is barbecue. True, no one feels very romantic whilst elbow deep in the sauce! But remember – this is a gift for him! Then, instead of the usual, high-pressure, fancy night out, suggest a stroll along a scenic avenue or an evening by a campfire at the beach. The memories you create with him will outlast a bottle of aftershave or a cool t-shirt.

Some men prefer a night in to a night out. Great male gift ideas for a homebody include a bottle of his favorite whisky, perhaps along with a pair of nice house slippers and a new pair of pajamas. You could cook or order delivery of his favorite meal and share a glass of wine over dinner. It will be a night to remember!

Why stop at a night? If you have the time and the inclination, you can give him an entire weekend. Whatever his interests, you can book an ideal weekend excursion. Go fishing with him, rent a spot at his favorite campground, or check into a fantastic golf resort. It will be a terrific weekend for both of you!

Gifts Throughout the Year

    ·Craft Beer Subscriptions
    ·Shave Clubs
    ·Clothing Subscriptions

Some great gift ideas for him keep on giving throughout the year! If you want to give him a unique gift, but you are at a loss for ideas, try a subscription. These gifts will have him thanking you all over again every month when each item arrives!

Does your guy love beer? Try a craft beer subscription service. If he loves beer and enjoys trying new brews, this would be a great gift. Each month, a hot new craft beer will be delivered to his doorstep. Maybe he’ll share!

Shave Clubs are another subscription option. He’ll never have to worry about dull blades again. These are often cost effective, as well. He will have fewer nicks and cuts, because a sharp, new razor will arrive at just the right time!

One of the best gifts, of course, is a clothing subscription service, such as Trendy Butler. Whether your husband loves great style or just really hates to shop, a clothing subscription will keep him well-dressed and looking good. Each month, his personal stylist will make selections based on his preferences and deliver them to his door. Free shipping and easy returns make this idea a fantastic choice. He’ll thank you every time he doesn’t have to go shopping for new clothes!

If your husband is a tough guy to shop for, don’t despair! There are lots of options out there other than a tie or a new shirt! You can give him great experiences, gifts to suit his passions, or gifts that show your love all year long, like a Trendy Butler subscription. There are lots of great gift ideas for him!

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