Why I Chose A Men’s Clothing Subscription Service

Why I Chose A Men’s Clothing Subscription Service

Clothes shopping can be such a hassle. You would think that since I work in the fashion industry, I would not struggle with dressing myself. Unfortunately, I spend so much of my time editing, shooting, or running around to set locations that I hardly find the time to shop around and build my own closet. I got into this industry because I found fashion to be a versatile, imaginative, and fun field. Now that I’m in midst of my career, it’s hard for me to get interested when browsing for new personal apparel. There was a point where I thought to myself, “I wish I had someone to style me the way that I style others.” When a co-worker told me about the process of ordering a men’s clothing subscription, I was understandably skeptical. But then he told me about the benefits!

I just didn’t see a service for subscription menswear as an effective way to build a modern, on-trend closet. How could a service like this possibly work for my unique tastes? Despite feeling that this probably wouldn’t work for me… I decided to do some digging into different subscription menswear brands. When I found Trendy Butler, I was pleasantly surprised.

How Does a Men’s Clothing Subscription Work?

Like most subscription services, a men’s clothing subscription is usually delivered to your home on a month-by-month basis. Most men’s clothing subscription companies will ask you a series of pre-set questions. The questions are to better determine your style and what items would work best for you. This includes things like verbal descriptors, ideal color palettes, and clothing size. Companies like Trendy Butler will go even further into fit and size, asking how you like your pants or tops to fit. Once you have answered the company’s questions, you decide on which package deal is best for you.

The subscription will usually offer you a larger amount of clothes than you’re paying for, so you can expect to spend approximately $60-80 on the average subscription. This may sound like a lot at first, but once you consider that you are getting anywhere between $150-200 worth of clothing… You’ll realize it’s definitely a bargain.

Once you have set up your payment information, you can usually schedule what date or time you want your subscription box to arrive. If it sounds too good to be true… you can do what I did and look up product reviews on Youtube (like this one) or other social media.

What Are The Benefits of Getting a Men’s Clothing Subscription?

I admit after doing my own research, my interest was peaked. This was actually a great option to get a discount on different designer brands! Most designer pieces have a base price of $50, meaning that you’d have to spend over $100 if you want to buy three or more items. Men’s clothing subscription packages like Trendy Butler give you two or more items with each monthly package, meaning you can save a minimum of $40 by investing in a subscription service. This isn’t the only benefit of paying for subscription menswear. Some of the other benefits are as follows:


Getting a monthly subscription box doesn’t just save you time, it can also save you a great deal of energy. The average subscription service generally features three or more designer brands. This is a great convenience when you compare the amount of time it takes you to shop at each store individually. The most time you spend using this service will be the five minutes it takes you to sign up and input your information. This is a perfect set up for people who don’t have a lot of downtime.


One thing we are all guilty of from time to time is buying the same articles of clothing over and over. We all tend to have a comfort zone when it comes to experimenting with our style, which means we don’t always venture out and try something new as often as we’d like. You might end up with a really great piece that you would otherwise not have picked for yourself. This is a great way to revamp the wardrobe you already have without compromising your own tastes.


As I talked about previously, you get an immense amount of savings when it comes to these subscription boxes. Take the Mr. Confident Box from Trendy Butler, for example. You end up with a 65% discount on items worth nearly $200, meaning you save over $100 on your purchase. You may be thinking the amount of shipping could be an issue, but shipping with Trendy Butler is free! If that wasn’t enough of a deal, I also sign up for the email list and got a small discount on my first month! Most men’s clothing subscriptions will go out of their way to provide you with incentives!

Fashion and clothing is something that used to be fun for me. Thanks to men’s clothing subscription boxes like Trendy Butler, I can feel excited again about getting new clothes. It’s important for me to look my best when working in an industry that emphasizes the importance of style. So, I am proud to say this is something I can accomplish with no hassle. Companies that offer a service for subscription menswear are completely revolutionizing the way that I shop and style myself. With great initial sign-up fees and simple return policies, there is virtually no risk involved with trying this for a month. I would recommend trying it and seeing how it improves your life!

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