New AI-Driven Men’s Clothing Service Creates Perfect Men’s Wardrobes

Gentlemen and frustrated girlfriendssay goodbye to long lines, coupons and dressing rooms! Science has made its way into men’s fashion.


Now, you can get designer-quality, discounted clothing from today’s hottest trends, fit perfectly to your body and style preferences, right to your door.

Finally—the robot revolution has made its way into fashion. The days of sifting through messy racks of clothing, picking out a bunch and trying them on in a dressing room will be a thing of the past.


Hoards of men have already ditched mall shopping, funneling directly to Trendy Butler’s subscription service. The new science-driven fashion service combines the absolute trendiest fashion with the lowest possible prices to create a fashion juggernaut the industry hasn’t seen since the invention of shopping malls.


Bots Over Buying—The Future Of Fashion


Trendy Butler’s patented machine learning technology personally caters to your style preferences, size and overall personality, calculating 100s of fabrics per second. Tweeds, tartans, cashmeres—yes, it even knows what those are so you don’t have to.

Now, you can look like you spent hours choosing your outfit when all you did was push a button. With Trendy’s vast network of partnerships, they send you $150 worth of designer-quality clothing every month for only $65.


If you don’t like or need a piece, you can exchange it for free! If you do exchange a piece, Trendy Butler’s innovative machine learning will add that transaction into its patented algorithm so you’ll have less exchanges going forward.

Think of Trendy Butler like your facebook feed—it learns what you want to see (or wear, in this case) and only sends you those styles, perfectly fit to your body.

With social media’s innovation, people get their news and advertising completely differently today, and that’s what Trendy Butler’s effect will be on the fashion industry—your style, your preferences, without having to look for them.

Trendy Butler’s For a limited time only, Trendy Butler is offering 50% off the first month, so you get that personalized box of $150 of premium clothing for just $33! It all starts with their style quiz right here.


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