Philadelphia Man Quadruples His Dating With 1 Click Of A Button


Dave Lanella was an accountant who had spent 5 years on the online dating scene, swiping left and right to no avail, and at age 31, had never had a serious girlfriend. A female coworker friend told him the truth. Dave needed some serious help in the fashion department. Out of ideas, Dave relied on what he knew—he turned to science. What happened next was nothing short of a miracle…


In 2018, despite the inactivity in his romantic life, Dave was in good shape, working out 3 times per week and maintained a slender, nice physique (with a little belly). Dave’s problem was he simply had no interest in clothes and, except for what he thought was his size in shirts and pants, had no knowledge of how to actually look good. Having tried seemingly every way to better improve himself, nothing seemed to make a difference for Dave.


Left with no ideas, he had stumbled upon a designer-quality men’s fashion service that ships $150 worth of high-end clothing right to your door every single month for $65 and, having remembered his coworker’s advice, he signed up. All it took was filling out a short personal style quiz that lasted less than a minute.


It was cheap (in price, not the gear)—$65 for the month, and delivered 3 pieces of perfectly fitting clothes—2 t-shirts, a pair of pants.


“The clothes fit perfectly—it was as if a robot picked me the perfect outfit,” Dave told us in an interview. “Trendy Butler takes your answers to the personal style quiz, plus some basic measurements, and curates the perfect outfits for your body and style like a calculator spits out 2 + 2 = 4, and honestly, they’re just as right as the calculator.”


After receiving his first box from Trendy Butler, Dave noticed a serious difference in the amount of eyes watching him at work, and everywhere else. A week after he received his first shipment, he already had a date! Despite his newfound success, Dave didn’t even develop much fashion sense himself—he relied totally on Trendy Butler.

“My first month, the only pants I wore were the pair of navy chino pants I got,” Dave laughs. “It was a subtle color so nobody could tell, and I kept hearing was how nice they fit—I thought it was hilarious because I hadn’t picked out a pair of pants in weeks. I would just pick them up off the floor and wear them—they fit like a glove and were the most comfortable pants I had ever worn!”


Dave’s success with women, as well as his wardrobe, grew as the months went by and, by the Summer, Dave was in a serious relationship. “I’m having a blast with my girlfriend, finally connecting with someone so similar to me, and I know our relationship is based on similarities, but I also know Trendy Butler got a lot more people noticing I exist and, from that bunch, I got a real special lady in my life.”

Trendy Butler has gone viral these days as men increasingly say goodbye to shopping at malls in favor of the elite men’s fashion service. They are now offering 50% off their first month ($33) with free exchanges and no commitment—you can cancel anytime! Simply click here to take their short style quiz!



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