Style Breakdown: Layered Look

While the spring winds down and opens most of us up to a sweltering summer, its time to get the last bits of layering in for the season. Breaking down this look above, we can see how these simple pieces can take on a new life to create a seamless style.

Working inwards out, we start with the tee. Thinner pieces are key to a layered look and this Jelly Tee from Civil Society fits the bill perfectly. To make an otherwise bland outfit stand out, play around with patterns and prints. Incorporating a tee with a talking point, like our jellyfish pal here, is an added bonus.

Next, we move on to the hoodie. With the added benefit of warmth and protection from an unanticipated rain storm, a hoodie can tie a layered look together. This hoodie from Thomas Payne in a neutral color keeps this look balanced and provides the base for the next layer.

Last, we have this bomber (a member favorite) from Eleven Paris. Completing the look, this bomber adds a pop of color incorporating tones in the Jelly Tee. Little details help make a bomber stand out – the zipped pocket on the sleeve adds a unique quality to this piece and adds the final touch to this layered look.

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