Summer Gift ideas for men

summer gift ideas

Summer Gift ideas for men

Summertime brings blue skies, sunshine, and plenty of reasons to celebrate. Graduations and Father’s Day are just some of the celebrations that are coming up. Here are eight of the best summer gifts ideas for men and how to give them. A summer gift idea is something that will bring him immense pleasure when he receives it and when he experiences it. It’ll last for several years as he holds onto the memories and skills experienced. Since the summertime brings the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors, here are some of the best gift ideas for men.

1. Send a Monthly Box of Trendsetting Fashion

You can get him a monthly subscription box with new trendy duds. A Trendy Butler subscription is the perfect gift since the looks arrive at his home. Your man will look like the trendiest one on the block. The Trendy Butler subscription service is like having a personal stylist come to his door.

First, you’ll need to create his profile on Trendy Butler. Then an AI stylist will choose the right looks. Whether the outfit is for work or for a special occasion, Trendy Butler has it covered. All your man has to do is wait for the clothes to arrive and try them on. He’ll receive new looks from the latest brands and designers, every month.

2. Make a Donation to a Charity of His Choice

What’s his favorite charity or non-profit? What cause does he care about the most? Consider making a donation to that cause or charity. There are also animal sanctuaries, aquariums, and local zoos that allow you to make a donation. This is a great gift if the man in your life is an animal lover.

You can explain how your donation will help care for the animal, provide medicine when it’s sick, or clean its enclosure. Some local zoos will even send you a certificate including details about the animal. Or, you can create a certificate on your computer. You can also buy him a stuffed animal to go with the certificate.

3. Basket With Supplies

Does he love working outside of the house? Fill a basket with some of his favorite supplies. Maybe he enjoys working around the house or on his car with tools. Or, maybe he likes tending to his own garden. If your guy is artistic, then include some of his favorite arts and crafts supplies.

Create a basket with everything he needs, including printout instructions. Or, you can fill it with random items that you found around the house, such as Sharpies, stickers, and washi tape. Then, finish it off with a sketchbook or media journal. This is one of the best summer gift ideas for men since it allows him to get out of the house to enjoy his new supplies.

4. Take Him on a Trip

Plan a day trip to the amusement park, beach, bowling alley, carnival, miniature golf course, museum, theme park, skating rink, or water park. Or, you can give a vacation that’s fun for the entire family. While it’s an expensive gift, you can just add up the gifts that you were planning to give him. You may find that a vacation isn’t as extravagant, especially if you planned a road trip to a deserted town or a downtown area.

The gift of a vacation is something that your significant other will remember forever, whereas the latest trend will quickly fade and be forgotten. Create an itinerary, print it out, and place it in an envelope. Or, you can create a slideshow with photos of that destination and allow him to flip through those photos until he guesses what the gift is.

5. A Class or Workshop

This gift may not be something that he never wanted or needed, but it’ll make a big difference in his life. Giving him the gift of a class or a workshop is providing him with knowledge and skills. That translates to a valuable gift. The options can range from cooking classes to photography classes. Choose a skill that he’s been saying he’s been wanting to learn. It should be a class that will improve his career or personal life, or something that you know he will enjoy since you know him well enough.

6. Helicopter Ride Over the City

What an exciting way to spend the summer than with a helicopter ride over the city. There are helicopter rides in every city across the nation. No matter where you choose to go, this experience is incredible. This is definitely a splurge, especially if you’re getting it for more than one guy in your life. But if it’s a splurge on your gift list, then this is an incredible gift idea. Just make sure the guy in your life isn’t afraid of heights.

7. Gourmet Dining Experience

This is one of summer gift ideas for men since most of them enjoy food. A gourmet dining experience makes the perfect gift if everything else has failed. If you’re not going with him, you can give him a gift card so he can use it anytime with anyone. Just ensure that it has enough money for two people to enjoy an appetizer, entree, dessert, and two drinks. Having a full course meal will make that gift even more enjoyable. Include a printout of the menu with your gift card along with some reviews. Place the gift card and printout menu in a box and wrap it with a bow.

Summer gift ideas are generally easier than gifts in any other season. With indoor/ outdoor/ and experiential gift options, there’s no shortage of ways to spoil that special guy in your life.

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