TB Tips for Dressing Better


TB Tips for Dressing Better

Some people have the ability to make their clothing look completely effortless. Knowing how to pair an outfit well can take a decent bit of finesse. Even when you attempt to recreate an outfit you see in a magazine, the way it looks and feels on your body can be completely different from what you see. Being able to wear something with confidence is the key to making it look good, which can be difficult if it’s a clothing choice that forces you out of your comfort zone. That’s why more and more men are choosing mens clothing subscription services. By utilizing a loot crate style of subscription boxes like the ones featured on Trendy Butler, you can build a closet, and learn a few things about how to improve your overall dress.

1. Learn That Less is More

This may sound cliche, but adopting the less is more mentality to your clothing is a way to create a more effective wardrobe. One misconception that a lot of men have about dressing is the need to layer on a variety of needless additions to an outfit. It’s true that layering can create a really great look when done modestly, but one common style mistake is to go overboard with layering and accessorizing things. A shirt and sweater combo doesn’t really need a scarf on top, a long sleeve shirt doesn’t need an excessive amount of bracelets, and so on. Mens clothing subscription boxes are a great alternative for the guy that tends to over-accessorize because they keep your outfits simple and stylish.

2. Wear What Makes You Comfortable

You might be thinking this is a no-brainer, but the mistake of wearing something too stiff, too tight, or fabric that doesn’t breathe is all too common amongst men trying to display their style. As we’ve stated before, feeling good and comfortable in what you’re wearing is a key to exuding the confidence you need in new clothes. This means paying attention to your measurements, the fabrics you wear, and the styles that suit your frame the best. Subscription boxes like Trendy Butler give you the option to choose a familiar style profile, select the fit of your pants, and let the company know of any additional adjustments your items might need. This is also a great way to avoid the uncomfortable process of trying clothes on in awkward dressing room lighting.

3. Focus on Quality, Not Trends

One of the worst things you can do when dressing yourself is to grab an item just because it looks new or flashy. Most companies know that they can lure in an audience by marketing unconventional items and slapping an expensive price tag on them, but these articles of clothing rarely, if ever tend to last. Developing your style is all about showcasing facets of your personality. Ordering clothes loot crate style is a great alternative to this because their boxes are usually centered around different personality types. For example, Trendy Butler’s three main packages are called Mr. Big Shot, Mr. Nice Guy, and Mr. Confident. When selecting clothing, ask yourself things like, “Am I more of a casual guy, or do I like to look professional?” Remember that your style is a reflection of yourself, so stay true to your personality!

4. Buy quality Items, Do Not Buy in Bulk

We understand that most people have to fight the compulsion to buy all of the items that they need at once. Most of us don’t get a lot of free time to shop, so you may be thinking the best idea is to load up in one session. There are a number of reasons this doesn’t work well. For starters, retail stores typically display items that are most in-season. This means six months down the line, all of the garments you purchased will end up being unusable due to the extreme weather shift. Secondly, it can be difficult for the average customer to compare items in-store when they don’t have a basis of comparison. It’s harder to determine the quality of an item when you don’t frequent a store enough to know what their average product is like. This is why subscription boxes are a great solution for people because they can get a regular monthly disbursement of new clothing as opposed to scrambling to get everything on your list.

We can’t pretend that investing in a loot crate is going to magically solve your style woes, but thanks to mens clothing subscription companies like Trendy Butler, you can easily start dressing better and make smart style decisions. Monthly clothing boxes can help you slowly build your wardrobe, without bulking up on items that will go out of season in a few months’ time. Part of better dressing means shopping smarter, simpler, and to your own tastes. Follow those three rules and you can up your fashion profile in days!

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