What Your First Date Outfit Says About You

Most of us probably feel confident when it comes to our everyday wear. The clothing we put on through the week is designed to make us feel comfortable in mundane situations. There’s nothing wrong with having an old favorite that you can’t throw away… But of course, there are times when it is and isn’t appropriate. That faded graphic tee that you got two years ago? Sure, it’s great, but it’s not necessarily something you’d want to wear on a first date. The clothes you’re wearing now may be great for the gym or a quick trip to the office, but when going out with someone for the first time, it’s important to leave an impression.

What to Wear On A First Date

As much as we try, sometimes there’s no helping the awkward pauses or the, “I don’t know what to do with my hands here” syndrome that comes with a first date. Some moments are unavoidable, but luckily one thing you do have control of is the outfit you choose for the first night out. A first date outfit is the best thing to lead in with as it gives your date a great first impression and gives them more insight on what kind of a person you are. For a few people, this is great news because picking out clothing is something that comes to them naturally.

For others, this may just add more stress because we feel our first date outfit may be lackluster. Luckily for the percentage of us that need a little assistance fine-tuning our wardrobe, there are services available that take the guess-work out of picking an outfit. Here we’ll examine what you can expect when ordering a men’s subscription package, and what the clothing conveys about its wearer.

Mr. Big Shot

He’s sleek, sophisticated and maybe even a little minimalist. Thanks to the use of muted colors, simplified patterns, and wooly textures, this look comes off incredibly refined, albeit somewhat casual. Going with a toned-down look is sure to give you an air of mystery, something that most dates find incredibly sexy and alluring. These pieces work well in a more intimate setting like a bar, a movie, or a dimly lit restaurant. The way this apparel combines looks modern and effortless. These outfits make you look like a working professional by combining a serious set of grays, greens, and navy blues with graphic tees and flannels.

Mr. Big Shot gives the impression that he is:
· Classy
· Intelligent
· Equipped with a perfect credit score

Mr. Nice Guy

Everyone loves a first date that feels laid-back and fun. Sometimes the best way to convey that about yourself is by sticking to the basics-reds, blues, and neutrals. This package works great for a more active date, something like bowling, mini-golf, or walking on the beach. The easiest way to get your date to warm up to you fast is by coming off friendly, comfortable, and considerate. Relying on a look that utilizes soft fabrics, denim, and simplified palettes will make you look approachable and easy to talk to, something you could really use to break the ice during that uncomfortable first five minutes.

Dress like Mr. Nice Guy if you want your date to think you’re:
· Fun
· Approachable
· Ready to adopt another dog

Mr. Confident

There is always something to be said about a look that’s bold and unconventional. This mix of bright colors and patterns is sure to be eye-catching and really make a statement to your date. This package makes you look like the life of the party and is sure to give you a charming, entertaining air. This coordinate can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. Because of how attention-grabbing these arrangements are, they pair well with neutrals and dark colors. You can do a lot with this, whether you want to go to a concert, a movie, or a screen-on-the green event. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the layering of these pieces, but remember that a little can go a long way!

Mr. Confident gives off the vibe that he’s :
· Outgoing
· Eccentric
· Already picked the bar you’re heading to after the date

A mens clothing subscription can be a great option for all of your clothing needs, but they can also be a complete lifesaver when it comes to romance. A big date can leave you feeling completely hopeless… But looking put together can do amazing things for your confidence and the anxiety you might experience. New clothes don’t just make you look good, they make you feel a little more comfortable in your skin when it comes to social interaction. They give you something to talk about, and they can convey a lot about what’s important to you.

That’s why subscribing to a men’s clothing service like Trendy Butler is the best option when you’re asking yourself what to wear on a first date. Whether you opt for a clean muted look or a trendy look with denim and graphic tees, new clothes can make you feel like the person you want to present on the first night out!

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