What’s The Best Way For Men To Shop For Clothing? Click, Click, Click…


In A Crowded Men’s Fashion Space, 1 Subscription Service Soars Above It All


This sound familiar? You go to the mall for that 1 store you just love—you know, the one that’s shirts fit you decently well, and don’t put a dent in your wallet?

It took a while to find parking, and by the time you do find a spot, it’s on the opposite side of the mall, so you enter and need to find the mall map to know how to get to the store.

You get to the map and you can’t read it, so you ask a random mom where the store is—she laughs at you and points you in the right direction.

You get to the store but realize you need to use the restroom because you left home 2 hours ago and haven’t gone.

Finally, you enter the store and realize they’re running a 50% off discount—score! You get to the shirt rack where you’re about to do some real damage, only to realize they are sold out of medium sizes except for the worst color.

You go home swearing you’ll never go to the mall again. No longer is this frustrating process necessary. With the tech movement having now reached fashion, men’s clothing subscriptions are sprouting up everywhere.


However, which is the best? Well, we think we’ve found it.


Unlike popular subscription company Stitch Fix, Trendy Butler doesn’t charge you for what you “keep” in their box—you keep it all.

Trendy Butler also rises above the rest with their customer service. If you aren’t satisfied with a piece for any reason at all, you can exchange it for free. After doing so, the transaction is added to their patented machine-learning to get closer to what you want, so that an exchange is less likely to happen again.


Trendy Butler’s patented machine learning technology personally caters to your style preferences, size and overall personality, calculating 100s of fabrics per second. Tweeds, tartans, cashmeres—yes, it even knows what those are so you don’t have to.

They send you $150 worth of designer-quality clothes every single month for just $65—plus 50% off your first month.



You can update your style preferences as often as you like, so if your sense of style changes, so do the clothes that get sent your way.

It all starts with their short but powerful personal style quiz, which you can get right here.

Happy (not) shopping!


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