Why Subscription Boxes are the Ideal Gifts for Men

Why Subscription Boxes are the Ideal Gifts for Men

Ladies, we know how difficult men can be to shop for sometimes. Simple accessories and knick-knacks can be nice. But after the third or fourth year of shopping for someone, you have to find something more catered to his style than a coffee mug or a gag tie. “Style?” You may be saying to yourself, “This guy has been wearing the same pair of jeans for the past eight years.” Which is true! Some guys are completely clueless when it comes to maintaining their style.

You could love the guy to death, but maybe you would like to see him in something other than that wrinkly v-neck from time to time. These can be the most challenging men to shop for, as they are not really well-versed on what to look for when it comes to clothing.

Luckily for all of us

Luckily for all of us, cool gifts for guys have become easier than ever with the power of the subscription box. Subscription boxes are a great way to find gifts for men, even when he doesn’t know what works “for him” best. Services like Trendy Butler work perfectly for the average guy. This is because they provide the option of affordable, perfectly curated style with convenience. This can prove to be one of the greatest gift ideas for men because it works for him long-term and creates a style profile for him to follow.

Whether you’re a wife, a new girlfriend trying to impress your beau, or a mom who wants to see her son in something nice… There’s plenty of ways to utilize Trendy Butler to meet the needs of the man in your life.

Birthday Gifts

If you’re ever at a loss as to what things are more suitable as mens birthday gift ideas, you’re not alone. Great birthday gifts for men require a more personalized touch. So the subscription boxes that are sent through Trendy Butler are naturally a go-to. Each box is perfectly curated to an individual’s needs because they make sure to ask a series of questions to assess your style profile. Trendy Butler’s boxes make cool gifts for men: especially on birthdays because they send clothing for all occasions. You can pick a more straight-laced business style, an urban style, or a casual graphic tee look.

Father’s Day

Father’s day is when I choose to experiment with cool gifts for men. So it only makes sense that you would choose this holiday to try a subscription box from Trendy Butler. A Trendy Butler subscription makes a perfect gifts for him because they provide the quality kind of clothing dad needs. They also showcase some great new designers that you’ve never heard of. These boxes are a great way to keep your husband on-trend and looking youthful!


Gifts for men usually run along with the same school of thought-ties, tools, cool gadgets, but sometimes the gift you select needs to be more thoughtful and intimate. Planning a cute date night, but unsure what your beau will decide to wear? The outfits sent to you from Trendy Butler can give him a sophisticated outfit that’s sure to stop your heart. As part of the Trendy Butler assessment, The A.I. technology featured in Trendy Butler’s customization gets your guy’s exact measurements. You also have the option to choose tight, relaxed, or straight lined pants to create a perfect silhouette.

What Makes Trendy Butler Different?

My guy is a handyman. He’s no stranger to pulling 10 to 12-hour shifts a day, working with his hands, and getting dirty. This is one of the things I love most about him, but it also means that his clothing sees a lot of wear and tear. For outings, he tends to utilize the same pastel button up and khakis that his mom got him for Easter a few years back. This isn’t something that I necessarily had a problem with. But when I introduced the garments I got from Trendy Butler, I noticed an immediate difference. I could tell that the clothing made him feel more confident. It can make our time out together a little more special too. That’s because we get to coordinate our outfits and have some fun with the pre-planning of our date.

Adding some new pieces to my boyfriend’s wardrobe brought out a whole new side of him. That isn’t something I could have seen happening without Trendy Butler.

So what makes this company so different? I really feel like they approach men’s fashion with a more understanding touch. The choices I saw through their site are very broad, but the questions that delve into the specifics are really how I made the box my own. On the off-chance that something wasn’t his style or didn’t fit right, Trendy Butler was happy to do a return or exchange! It doesn’t hurt that the shipping is free, or that the first box came at a discount. I like Trendy Butler because it’s suited to meet the needs of the average guy at a high fashion level.

I feel like anyone browsing the site can become a little more fashion literate when browsing the collections Trendy Butler has. You have all the benefits of a professionally coordinated closet without any of the fashion snobberies. The thing that makes this company so unique is that it’s like a men’s boutique for the everyman.

Trendy Butler takes the hassle out of gift giving

If you had asked me a few months ago what I put on my list for men’s birthday gift ideas or small gifts, I honestly wouldn’t have an answer. When it came to shopping for my boyfriend, my family, or any of the other men in my life, I was usually grasping at straws. Trendy Butler has really opened me up to think creatively about what I can get the men that mean the most to me. I’d highly recommend it to any guy, or the girl that’s just dying to give him a fashion makeover!

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